Top 5 Ways to Increase Customer Experience

The expansion of digital and internet landscapes has ensured that every virtually reachable human becomes an informed and empowered customer. We are surrounded by experiences in our existence, especially within walking digital environments created by the speedy advances in mobile technology. The power to adopt or reject a brand is in the palm of consumers […]

Success Factors of Cloud Communication in Contact Centers

Telecommunication has undergone a digital revolution which has affected the consumer and commercial world equally. When we look around us, we find that products and services are engaged in a battle of being digital-first. Digital consumption has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years as consumers have been able to afford individualized content […]

Speech Analytics for Effective Customer Experience

When Apple introduced Siri, speech recognition by machines found humanization that became quickly and immensely popular. Speech recognition may be a modern perceived phenomenon of the 21st century, but its roots can be traced back to the early 1950s. In fact, Siri might not be the foremost personification of speech analytics technology. In 1952, Bell […]

Improving Customer Experience Through Customer Data

Customer experience is everywhere. Digital landscapes are creating fervent opportunities for finer marketing potential. Smartphones, tablets and wearables have transformed customer expectation and populated multiple touchpoints across devices, giving way to omnichannel customer journeys. According to a survey, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. By 2020, […]

Best practices for data security in a call center environment.

Businesses that are keenly invested in personalization of customer experience are leaving no stones unturned to tailor highly targeted and individualistic experiences, whether online or in-store. According to a research by the Boston Consulting group, brands that integrate data, analytics and advanced digital technologies are showing a rise in profits by 6-10%, which is two […]