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Our R&D team has developed purpose built products that addresses specific business needs. TeleApps’ full-service Contact Center products can transform your business and provide your customers with an incredible experience. We can implement these products by ourselves or through our approved partners. We also provide direct or back-to- back (through business partners) support for these products through our TeleCare services.

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TeleApps offers the most comprehensive product combinations for contact centers to improve
operations and customer experience, thus increasing customer loyalty. With decades of experience backing them, TeleApps is in a position to help contact centers shape their customer service and support platforms and work together with industries to build a loyal customer base.

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nullAgent Desktop Systemnull

The Unified desktop application enables the organization’s call center agents with all the tools and customer information they require irrespective of the channel of interaction to answer customers’ queries. The application also provides the Agents with customer’s interaction history which helps them build a better relationship with the customer.

nullIVR Rule Enginenull

IVR Rule Engine is a Self Service platform focused graphical interface, available for an organization’s application administrators and business stakeholders to quickly modify their existing IVR application  to closely follow the constantly changing business dynamics and customer expectations.

nullAutomated Survey Enginenull

Automated Survey Builder is a browser based tool that is tailored to help a contact center design voice, visual and web based surveys and can be seamlessly offered after a customer interaction. Supervisors can view the customer feedback in real-time to help agents provide better customer service. The analytical reporting process is used to improve agent optimization.

nullAgent Activity Notification Systemnull

Agent Activity Notification System (AANS) is a monitoring and notification system which monitors all agent activities in the contact center and proactively notifies the supervisor by email or SMS to take necessary actions. The business rules for notification are defined as per customers’ business process.

nullCall Tagging & Notification Systemnull

The Call Tagging and Notification System (CTNS) is an application which tag’s Meta Data (custom data) to the appropriate recorded audio file. This enhances the search functionality of the recording solution thereby improving and providing flexibility in extracting relevant information based on business needs and requirements.

nullCustomer Authentication Systemnull

The Customer Authentication System is a pluggable module which allows customers to authenticate themselves either by PIN or voice print. The Triple DES encryption  methodology provides added security and supports integration to HSM systems.

Customer Experience Lifecycle involves many technology components and solutions. TeleApps strategic alignment and integration expertise with world class Customer Experience solution vendors helps its customers overcome this challenge

Cutting Edge Solutions for Customer Experience Lifecycle!

Virtual Observer

Virtual Observer (VO) is a call recording and workforce optimization solution for contact centers. VO is a technology agnostic solution by offering a robust, user friendly feature set that provides an extremely high value, tremendous scalability and an unbeatable low cost of ownership.


ProHance is a Work Transformation Analytics Suite that enhances employee productivity by 20% to 35% through better work organization thereby increasing revenue generation. ProHance is used by the IT/ITES industry across Shared Services, BPO, KPO, IT Services, Application Development & Maintenance and IT Outsourcing segments.


As a value added reseller with expertise in BN series of high density IP/SIP gateways and PowerMediaXMS, we will focus on positioning some of the new products such as VIVR and WebRTC portfolio of solutions.


Genesys provides cross-channel customer engagement and employee optimization solutions that power great customer experience for companies of every size. Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year and is the only company recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in both cloud and on-premise customer engagement solutions.


SESTEK (Speech Enabled Software Technologies) is a speech and communication technology company with unique patented technologies. Having accomplished many “firsts” since its inception, SESTEK has gone far beyond technology tracking to become an innovator in its own right. SESTEK along with TeleApps brings its high-quality speech solutions to a diverse range of customers from financial services, banking and insurance industries, telecom and GSM operators and public institutions. SESTEK’s state-of-the-art product range includes Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics, Call Steering, Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech technologies.


The primacy of voice and the toll-free number has been steadily eroding. Enterprises are seeking to increasingly redirect their customers to digital channels; self-service and automation are viewed as the means to reducing costs and improving service. Finding the optimal mix of automation and live engagement is key to delivering best-in-class customer experiences. Koopid has developed a disruptive, next gen Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform that takes advantage of contemporary AI, mobile and web technologies. At its core is a persistent conversations engine that equally adept at delivering high-touch personalized relationship management, Chabot’s and other automated engagement workflows. The result is a paradigm-shifting model that enables a business to implement superior customer service, reduce operational costs and identify new revenue opportunities.

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