The expansion of digital and internet landscapes has ensured that every virtually reachable human becomes an informed and empowered customer. We are surrounded by experiences in our existence, especially within walking digital environments created by the speedy advances in mobile technology. The power to adopt or reject a brand is in the palm of consumers as is also the power of cognitive nudging by brands so they can create personalized experiences for their target segments. Brands have data and analytics on their side whereas consumers have information or reference, to influence a purchase decision.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is an amalgamation of customer interaction and engagement with a brand on all touchpoints across a customer’s journey.Customer experience of today transcends the goal of solely purchase decision-making. Successful brands understand the value of loyalty hence they think beyond getting lead conversions. They study, scrutinize and create value-added derivatives that align with their customer expectation or customer need. Omnichannel journeys have taken over what was erstwhile either in-store or online experience. That is why customer preferences, social media presence, app user experience, touchpoints, devices, and wearables are being taken into consideration while creating individualized strategies for personal marketing. But are brands across the spectrum really doing enough? Fierce competition amongst businesses is propelling marketers to design offers, discounts, and cash back as a means to attract customers. In the words of Jerry Gregoire, Former SVP and CIO, Dell Computers, “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”

A successful brand is built on designing memorable buying experiences for their customers. According to a study by McKinsey, 70% of the buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Another statistic from a recent survey in the U.K. reveals up to 86 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience.  Below here, we discuss 5 ways of augmenting customer experience for your brand that will translate into rich customer engagement and long-term customer loyalty:

Understand customer aspiration

While sifting customer’s needs from wants to create accurate journey plans are the way to go, it is also imperative nowadays be a step ahead in understanding where the customers finally envision themselves with respect to their life and goals. A brand must have an overall comprehension of their target user and deftly tie in the brand objective to customer aspiration with clever communication so that the customer can relate to the content coming their way instantly. Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day and that consumers switch between screens up to 21 times an hour. Designing instantly relatable content is the key.

Think end-to-end customer experience

In a multi-touchpoint world, scanning consumer behavior on each platform will beget siloed data which might yield results that are disconnected. Moving from standalone touchpoint experience to ubiquitous omnichannel engagement will present a cohesive picture from which deeper insights can be derived from the agile reinvention of the customer’s journey.

Employ behavioral psychology in customer interaction

Customers are quick to form a good or bad memory of a service interaction. Brands are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to form superior and psychologically pleasing interaction for their customers. Front-end AI-powered bots that replace human agents help reduce issue escalation and increase first contact resolution (FCR) rates. Moreover, each interaction entails behavioral data for the AI to factor in for future interaction. Chatbots also engage in persuasive responsiveness vis-à-vis a human agent who can let his emotions affect the interaction.

Integrate IoT with enterprise systems

If you can make your customer’s life easier with your brand, why won’t they stick to you? As simple as that. But in today’s scenario, amidst the high influx of information thrown at customers, this is far from easy. Companies need to establish a proactive approach, bringing superior customization of journeys with solutions, intervention, upselling and cross-selling at the beck and call for their customers. This is a possibility only if the company has integrated smart technology into their environment so that updates on customers and interactive responses can happen before the blink of an eye. IoT can digitally transform customer experience and empower brands to create seamless customer journeys.

Invest in Online Reputation Management

Online reputation or fear of slamming has become a nightmare for some brands as social media has emerged as the greatest propagation machine of the 21st century. That consumers now govern brands in this digital age is not far from the truth. Brand integrity can be threatened easily by negative reviews. A trained team of experts can help alleviate the crisis, create inspirational branding, promote brand transparency and manage PR for businesses with a healthy approach.

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